Maskinhuset 2018

Address: Dillners väg 10 Grängesberg Show map

Address: Dillners väg 10 Grängesberg

The Summer Exhibition at the Machine House
Maj Hirdman, an overlooked author, social activist and grandmother of the feminist professor Yvonne Hirdman have inspired international artist to create an exhibition at the Machine house

Maj is an exhibition based on Maj Hirdman, the daughter of a miner, who became involved in socialism and the workers´ movement. Her writing became a confessional document of everyday life in Dalarna during the Swedish industrial period. It depicts the personal stories of the local families ranging from the miners to the society ladies and politicians.
An international group of artists have taken inspiration from her works to produce a new body of sound and video installations. They’ve chosen to use sound due to its capacity to evoke memory. The sounds, played through speakers and headphones, magnify the inherent beauty of the Machine House offering us a view into its history.
Participating artists: Kirsten Bertelsen (DEN), Hannah Dargavel-leafe (GBR), Aukse Jonauskyte (LTU), Ziad Nagy (USA), Viktor Landström (SWE).
The summer exhibition is curated and coordinated by artist Kirsten Bertelsen from Denmark in collaboration with Anna Silfverin, cultural secretary in Ludvika municipality, department of culture and leisure.
The Maskinhuset Artist-In-Residence program has been created to allow artists to create in a new environment for a more lengthy period of time. Maskinhuset will be enriched by this, and offer visitors the opportunity to meet the art and the international artists.

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