Stora Hyttnäs Trädgård

Address: Carl Larssonsväg 5 , 790 15 Sundborn Show map

Address: Carl Larssonsväg 5 , 790 15 Sundborn

Stora hyttnäs offers visitors something out of the ordinary. The history of the house and gardens reaches right back to the sixteenth century; today, however, it is an authentic example of a typical upper-class home from the early 1900s.

Every crook and cranny of the house reveals interesting finds. The library contains books dating from the seventeenth century and the wardrobes reveal a magnificent collection of sumptuous fabrics.

That Carl and Karin Larsson were frequent guests at the house can be deduced from the decorations in the drawing-room. Out in the garden, a 1880s garden under German model, scrumping of apples by smeltery and mineworkers was observed as long ago as the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Gubbäppelträdet or "Old-Man" apple tree is one of the oldest in the country and to this day still yields a crop of apples.

Garden café during the month of July.

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