Murboanna’s – dairy, café and farm shop

Address: Murbo 8 A, 781 97 Borlänge Show map

Address: Murbo 8 A, 781 97 Borlänge

Anna grew up in the small village of Murbo, close to Borlänge, hence the name Murboanna. This is where she runs her own dairy where she makes cheese.

Her passionate interest in cheese-making has resulted in the tiny home-based dairy moving to larger custom-built premises in the village, housing a café and farm shop, a worthwhile goal for an excursion to find local produce with genuine attention to detail.

The café serves ice cream, coffee, cakes and buns and (homemade) cheese sandwiches! With the cow pastures close by, you are in natural surroundings and can enjoy the view from the giant panorama windows or out on the balcony.

She makes several different kinds of cheeses such as mild and creamy white mold cheese, soft cheese with a variety of flavors and savory salad cheeses in various pickles. She also makes a salted butter in a traditional way by an old recipe.
In addition, the fine crispbread and jam from Susanne Marmalades.

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