Lilla Parken Kök & Bar

Address: Sveagatan 3, 784 33 Borlänge Show map

Address: Sveagatan 3, 784 33 Borlänge

Lilla Parken has the ambition to become Borlänges natural meeting place as a "second living room" with a high level of ambition in both food and drink. To Lilla Parken you go to be happy, meet nice people and to satisfy your curiosity.

The food is well cooked and our opening hours are generous. There is everything from lunch, take away, a`la carte, or why not a drink, hot or cold.


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About this activity

  • Opening hours
    Mon-Thurs 10.00-15.00, Fri 10.00-21.00.
  • Street address 1
    Sveagatan 3
  • City (address)
    784 33 Borlänge
  • Phone number
    +46 0243-21 15 69
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