Grejsans fäbod

Address: Grejsan, 790 26 Enviken Show map

Address: Grejsan, 790 26 Enviken

Working summer farm with native breed goats and sheep. Open from Midsummer and over peak summer with small-scale production and sale of products from the summer farm.

Products from the farm can sometimes be bought. Guiding acc to agreement. A long time ago in the olden self-subsistent household days there were 20.000 "chalet" villages in Sweden. During the summer the cattle were brought to the forest.

This summer holiday was of great importance to the animals and they were taken good care of by the shepherds and the women (kullor). The animals helped keeping the landscape free from brushwood. "Grejsans fäbodar" is a unique survivor of this kind of village. And it has a breathtaking wide view from there.

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  • Opening hours
    Open from midsummer and during highseason of summer 2015.
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    790 26 Enviken